Jazz from The Hague

fri 29 jan 2021
Theme: Jazz

In January, jazz podium De Nieuwe Kamer in The Hague launched a series of podcasts on jazz musicians from The Hague. Every episode, we put a new musician in the spotlight. There’s plenty of time for both an extensive interview and a live performance (with band). The guest performer will bring music that has contributed to their musical development. Jazz veteran Ben van den Dungen is the interviewer. “It’s crucial for musicians from The Hague to have a podium in their own city so that they can develop themselves and make themselves heard. We want to provide that, at least virtually, for as long as the pandemic persists.”

Meanwhile, eleven podcasts are live, with Ellister van der Molen, Eed van Been, Juraj Stanik and Simon Rigter, among others. “Eric Ineke had so much to say, he needed two episodes!” beamed Ben van der Dungen. These interviews intend to let the listeners truly get to know the performers, with musical reflections, exciting tales, and juicy anecdotes. You can find the podcasts (in Dutch) on https://podiumdenieuwekamer.nl/podcast-episodes/, or you can listen to them on the usual suspects, such as Apple Music, Spotify, TuneIn and YouTube.