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tue 30 aug 2016

Kairos on Thursday 1 September at 23.00 CET, a meditation with contemporary music. The programme features many familiar artists including Broeder Dieleman, Lodewijk Mortelmans, Erik Satie, John Tavener and Annelies Monseré.

However, there are also some new names including James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich with an unusual version of their ballad ‘Nothing Else Matters’. It may not be better than the original, but it certainly is surprising. Another new name for Kairos is André Stolwijk with the song Vater Unser from the CD ‘Positief’ issued by the Stichting Limburgse Componisten. A CD in all the colours of the rainbow according to Margriet Ehlen another of the contributing composers. We promise to include her contribution to the CD in a future episode of Kairos.
And… with regrets, Toots Thielemans. Regrets because Toots died while we were compiling this episode of Kairos. The man was already an angel during his lifetime…!
In the programme you can also hear a short poem by Margriet Ehlen, although she would prefer us not to call it a poem. However, this tekst from one of her e-mails is so special that it deserves a place in Kairos.


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