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Kraak Helder | GRS Madrid special

thu 21 jul 2016
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Sunday July 24th 20.00 CET in Kraak Helder a special about Grupo de Resistencia Sonora de Madrid.

For this episode curator Juan Antonio Nieto put together a selection of the artists’ works, past concertseries and the GRS manifesto will be presented.

The collective GRS (Sonic Resistance Group of Madrid) came about in order to bring greater exposure to more people of ‘advanced musics’, a term brought to life to cover all those musics that have at their core difference, innovation, breaking of ground, and a philosophy and technique that turn away from (or mutate) accepted norms in musical production. The GRS core artists are:  Javier Piñango, Almudena Villar, David Area, Maryah Gamboa, Lucas Elm, Marta Sainz Serrano, Tomás Gris, Enrique Zaganini and Juan Antonio Nieto.