Kraak Helder || Live

sat 28 may 2016
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On Sunday May 29th at 20.00 CET you can listen to a Kraak Helder Live programme with a special concert direct from our studio. This follows our Kraak Helder special with Legowelt that was broadcast a week earlier and can still be heard on demand.

News about this special concert can be found here.

Click here to listen to the Kraak Helder special with Legowelt.

Regarding Legowelt. Inspired by his obvious and far-reaching talent, Kraak Helder commissioned Danny to create a 40-minute piece for the show, which he composed and performed together with Jimi Hellinga aka Electrovolt on harmonium. Jimi is a music-technology student, an avid tape-loops experimenter, and also plays instruments from the middle-ages such as the hurdy-gurdy and the bagpipe. Together with Danny he formed the project Nacho Patrol in 2011.



Martijn Comes interviewed them in Legowelt’s studio in Scheveningen, The Hague. The piece was recorded under their new pseudonym “Zandvoort and Uilenbal” with the title “Geruis uit Somberdorp”.


The piece will be released on Legowelts’ imprint Nightwind Records, later this year.