Kraak Helder special || Tony Boggs

wed 4 mar 2015
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Sunday, March 8th at 20.00 CET a special on the Toronto based musician Tony Boggs. Living a slightly reclusive musical existence Tony is known for his remarkable solo work as Joshua Treble and notorious collaborations with people like Mitchell Akiyama and Accelera Deck. At Concertzender he was also known for his eclectic record knowledge and therefore was asked to compile a Kraak Helder episode. New personal work included.

Beginning in Cincinnati, Tony Boggs first collaborated with Chris Jeely (aka Accelera Deck) with the Pitchcadet and Aii.fm labels in the late 90's.  Aii.fm was to be one of the first mp3 labels alongside Mego sub-label Fals.ch and Canada's No Type.  The first Joshua Treble full length "Cold Filthy Techniques To Keep You Close" was released by Pitchcadet in 2001.  Tim Hecker's first releases were through Aii.fm & Pitchcadet (recorded as Jetone before moving on to Force Inc.) and Tim flew to Ohio to play his first live show with Tony.   Through Tim, Tony met and collaborated with Montreal artist Mitchell Akiyama for the Désormais project.  Désormais released three albums on the Intr_Version imprint collaborating with members of Hanged Up, A Silver Mt Zion, and others.  Tony's next solo album Five Points Fincastle was released by Intr_Version in 2004. Désormais followed up with a record for Type Records in 2007 as Letters Letters, a project which was a departure from the post-rock/shoegaze/damage of Désormais in that it featured vocals and more synths and was decidedly more "pop".  Joshua Treble's last recordings were released by No Type affiliate Panospria as mp3's in 2011.  


Tony maintains a sporadic blog at ambulancewolf.blogspot.com and now records as Jsoc and Unfollow. He is married and lives and works in Toronto.


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