Lou Harrison ( 1917-2003)

thu 17 aug 2017

Theme Wednesday 23-8. 20:00 .

The American composer Lou Harrison (1917-2003) would have been one hundred years old this year. He was not only a pioneer in world music and unorthodox pure voices, but also an outstanding melodic tone poet.

Theme is devoting two 2 hour broadcasts to this American composer who with his worldly wise, accessible idiom influenced many west coast American composers. During the first Theme on Wednesday 23rd August (20.00-22.00 ) we’re playing many of his classically inspired works, among them his well-known ‘Piano Concerto’ and his most successful work, the ‘Second Symphony’. In his lyrical music you can hear influences from gamelan, baroque, classical and the first growth spurts of minimal music. Harrison wrote groundbreaking works for percussion, symphonies and chamber music ensembles, in which he seldom avoided sound beauty and harmoniousness . During a second Theme-broadcast in September we’ll explore Lou Harrison’s passion for gamelan music.


Here’s the playlist:www.concertzender.nl/programma/thema_409639/