Mariana Sadovska in Acoustic Roots

fri 23 feb 2018
Theme: World Music

On Friday 9th March Acoustic Roots welcomes the very special singer Mariana Sadovska to De Kargadoor. You’re welcome at this live radio recording.

Mariana Sadovska, from Lviv in Ukraine, is a singer, actress and composer. She studied piano at the Nationale Muziek Academie in Lviv. She started her career with Teatr Gardzienice in Poland as actress, composer and director. There she carried out a worldwide study of old isolated country cultures.

Mariana Sadovska has been travelling for 15 years around the countryside of Ukraïne. She collects old traditional folks songs and stories . The songs are studied locally, mostly helped by local women. Mariana has collected songs and stories in the programme Ukrainian Callings. She’ll be singing songs from this programme on 9th March in Acoustic Roots . She accompanies herself on her harmonium.

Mariana Sadovska has played at among others festivals such as Rudolstadt and The Borderland. She plays with a number of groups and artists and together with percussionist Christian Thomé forms the duo ‘Vesna’. she also gives workshops world wide about the singing techniques she has come across during her travels. She won a number of prizes such as ‘Best Actress Award’ in Poland and got scholarships such as a  ‘Fulbright Scholarship’ (VS).

The Kronos Quartet asked her to compose a piece for them and her voice. This piece, called ‘Chernobyl. The Harvest’ , was premiered in July 2012 in Kiev .

More information about Mariana Sadovska you can find on her website: www.marianasadovska.com.


Over Ukrainian Callings

“I do not sing songs I found in books. Each song I sing was given to me by a specific woman. I heard the story of the song, learned the way it should be sung, and understood that a song can be the map which leads you to your life.”Mariana Sadovska.

Sometimes a musician has such an inborn desire to communicate that her message naturally becomes universal: it doesn’t matter whether she is singing soul or bel canto or folk. Such was the case with the Ukrainian singer Mariana Sadovska.… The responsibilities, protocol, and tradition of whatever style she is working in just vanish; she replaces them with pure vitality.” (Ben Ratliff ,The New York Times)

They are songs about love, sorrow and melancholy that have survived the Soviet era just in an oral form, until now. Mariana’s powerful performance makes you feel you are there.” (WNYC)


Acoustic Roots: Mariana Sadovska – Ukrainian Callings

Friday 9th March 2018, 20.15

De Kargadoor, Oudegracht 36, 3511 AP Utrecht

Tickets €5,00 available at the door.


Broadcast: Friday 16th March, 21.00 on the Concertzender.

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