Meet Concertzender LIVE

tue 30 may 2017
Theme: General

Meet the Concertzender LIVE during Cultural Sunday on Monday 5th June.

Live-muziek | Interviews | Live radio-broadcast
Culturele Zondag – Utrecht Centraal

With Eric Vloeimans, Holland Baroque, Folk Road Show and lots more!

On Monday 5th June come to the Stadhuisplein and meet the Concertzender. Go to our website or download the radio-app and listen to all the lovely moments that day has to offer.

The Cultural Sundays and the Concertzender have combined. With a live radio-broadcast the Concertzender will be reporting from the Concertzenderpodium on the Stadhuisplein. Live music and interviews one after the other.

We will also hold RadioLAB , where children between 8 – 13 can make a real radioshow with the radio presentators.

Keep in touch and write in for our free nieuwsbrief  and give yourself a chance of 2 free tickets for the Vriendenconcert on 22nd June in Museum Speelklok in Utrecht.

Meet Concertzender LIVE, from 13.00, Stadhuisplein, Korte Minrebroederstraat, Utrecht.

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Cultural Sunday – Utrecht Central – Concertzender Live
Stadhuisplein, Monday 5th June 2017, 13-1800
Korte Minrebroederstraat, Utrecht