Meeting mr. Vořišek

sun 28 feb 2021

For relatively unknown composers, Concertzender is the place to be. Ever heard of Jan Vaclav Vořišek (1791-1825)? Originating from Bohemia, he spent most of his life in Vienna, where he was on very good terms with Beethoven, Hummel, and Schubert, all of them were full of praise for his compositions. He played the piano, organ, and violin excellently, and he was very good improviser. Therefore, nobody was surprised when he was given the coveted position as an organist at the emperor’s court.

During his short life, he composed in many genres: piano music, songs, chamber music, symphonic repertoire, and religious music. He had a lot of impact on Schubert if only because he was the first to write impromptu music. Clearly, Mendelssohn and Schumann had also listened to his works. Programme maker and presenter Thijs Bonger made a two-hour radio portrait about him. A serious attempt to force him out of oblivion. You can listen to it whenever you want.