Metamorfosen: Alexis Zoumbas (1926-1928)

thu 28 aug 2014
Theme: World Music

Friday August 29 at 22.00 CET a special about the legendary and masterful Greek folk violinist Alexis Zoumbas. Years of research and obsession by the American producer Christopher King have resulted in this first collection of recordings. Very few pre-war musicians have tapped deeper into the human soul than Zoumbas. These recordings present his most profoundly hypnotic and unearthly pieces.

My grave has grown over with grass, Come see that you tend to it. Make sure you cry bitter tears, And maybe that will bring me back. (yahsas Alexis Zoumbas) ~Amalia Bakas, “To Mina Mou Hortariase”

What is explored in this choice, is how music informs humanity, how early melodic expressions were our tools for living, and how this most profound harmonious language mediated the perceived conflict between the spiritual and the corporeal.


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