Milena Haverkamp about Klassifest in Concertzender Today

wed 27 mar 2019

Classical music for beginners, that’s Klassifest. In Paradiso. This afternoon in Concertzender Today at 16.15 an interview with Milena Haverkamp, founder of Klassifest, held this year for the third time.

Klassifest is the starters festival and programmers collective for classical music, founded in 2016 by actress Milena Haverkamp and marketing specialist Olga Mouret. Classical music accessibly presented, interesting for both beginners and experienced classical freaks. No seats, no rules, a beer in your hand and classical pieces of no more than 30 minutes. But top class pieces. If you want to hear something else then go to another hall.

This is the third edition of Klassifest. According to Haverkamp the previous editions were a great success, listeners of all ages: ‘Classical music is like acting, it tells a story which makes an impact and can get a reaction from the public. To do that the setting must be right and meet the public’s wishes, otherwise the public – and especially the new public – certainly won’t accept it.’

The third edition of Klassifest is about the opera debut of writer Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer. Together with The Paradiso Orchestra Pfeijffer performs De Dichter . As well as this headliner this year sparkling young talent such as Oscar Back-winner Niek Baar (1991) and finalist in Dutch Classical Talent Nuala McKenna (1993) is performing. This German-Irish cellist is known for her courage: she performs daring programmes and plays it all from memory. Also playing are pianist Nino Gvetadze (1981) and the orchestra from the Conservatorium of Amsterdam.

The interview with Milena Haverkamp takes place about 16.15 and afterwards can be heard here .

Klassifest is taking place on Thursday 4th April in Paradiso from 20.00 tot 23.30. Ticket sales via the website of Paradiso.