Modular Strategies || Reflections and Space

wed 24 feb 2016

Electronic Frequencies on Wednesday 24 February 23:00 CET presents a lecture about Modular Strategies in shaping Reflections and Space. And for the first time on the Concertzender, listeners can create their own soundscape ‘live’ during the programme.

You can take a seat in the class room on February 24 during Electronic Frequencies: 23.00 CET.

This lecture is about the concept space in electronic music.
In our Daily life our ears are filled by the sound reflections of surfaces in
f.i. Churches, halls and streets. Our ears use a number of sonic clues to determine the direction of origin of a sound and the relative level difference between the two ears is only one of them. Not only where in the stereo left – right panorama but how far or nearby an object of sound will be placed too. It is about creating 3D illusions.
Ways to create a panorama, reverberation, delays and from a comb filter to imaginary instruments. It is all there. A whole world used by composers of electronic music.
If you are a composer or a listener of electronic music, you must attend this class.

This lecture is created by Roland Kuit for the Lindblad Studio University of Gotenborg, Sweden.

Electronic Frequencies, February 24; 23:00.