New programming: the power of the Concertzender

sat 22 jun 2019

(by Lucy Th. Vermij)

The Concertzender wil start a new format on June 1. We’ll be starting horizontal programming with comparable programmes at the same time of day. Recognisable during the day, primarily clasical music (early,classical, modern, contemporary), and in the evening trusted and thematic programmes. In this way we’re hoping to present our power and unity better: unknown repertoire and enormous expertise.

People are creatures of habit and prefer predictability, maybe spiced up lightly with pleasant surprises. Listeners shouldn’t have to listen to their programmes at different times every day.We don’t listen to radio like that. When we turn the radio on we don’t want to be disappointed in our musical expectations. Because then we won’t tune in again.

Focus on our own recordings
We’ve designed the new programming so that there are as few “close down“ moments as possible. Radio has to run differently. During the day it’s mostly non-stop programmes with mainstream-repertoire – in the eyes of the Concertzender , much broader than for other broadcasters. We prioritise our own recordings and original, inventive and editorially intensive programmes.

Our own recordings get a prominent place. Concertzender’s uniqueness is the collection of recordings of 30 years of Dutch musical life. In the new format we’ve created a new space and further expansions of Concertzender Live.

The new programming looks like this: during the day a recognisable, primarily classical music broadcaster (early, classical, modern, contemporary), in the evening space for trusted and thematic programmes. These (semi-) liveprogrammes will all be online, where they can lead their own lives, via On Demand or a themed channel. In the weekend there will be a changing programming, which looks a lot the present: Saturday the accent on jazz, Sunday a kaleidoscopic flow. On both days we’ll focus on ‘listening through’.

A new dawn
‘Radio is a long term medium . I hope more and more people discover the lovely material the Concertzender has to offer’, says Concertzender-director Sem de Jongh. ‘Now that we’re starting with a very accessible morning programme, without compromising the Concertzender’s principles, I think that will work. Maybe not immediately, but if next year we can book 10 percent growth I’ll be a happy man.’

‘It’s a lot of fun and a challenge to put together the new Early Morning edition,’ says Niklaas Hoekstra, jointly responsible for the new morning programming. ‘The trick is to take the listeners along, but also to surprise them with music from different periods. If we can also give each broadcast a particular theme, I’ll be very happy. Our ever-growing music database is a source of inspiration.’