New recordings by Efraim Trujillo and his band

sun 26 apr 2020
Theme: General

Efraim Trujillo composed the number ‘The Freedom Trail’ for his band ‘The Preacher Man’ (with Rob Mostert on Hammond organ and Chris Strik on drums)

‘Being locked inside the house makes me realise how precious freedom of movement is.
But my temporarily inconvenience is voluntary and for a good reason. I wrote this song in remembrance of those that were locked away throughout history for no reason at all.’
The composition is dedicated to everyone whose freedom is restricted.
Each musician recorded their individual contributions at home and then Efraim mixed and mastered the final track.
Efraim was planning to record a new album with his orchestra ‘Amsterdam Funk Orchestra’ in May.
That is no longer possible but instead he has published a ‘guide track’ for one of the new compositions. The musicians used this to record their parts at home, often only using a mobile phone for the recording. The 20 recordings (both video and sound) were then brought together and mastered and we have now decided to record the complete album in this way.