New: Sir Charles Villiers Stanford (1852-1924)

sun 22 apr 2018

Cassandra van Agt begins her new series “Unknown is Unloved?” about the British composer Sir Charles Villiers Stanford (1852-1924) on Tuesday 24 April 2018 at 18.00 CET.

Sir Charles was actually born in Dublin in Ireland but did spend the rest of his life in England.

The series looks at the wide range of music written by the composer. His work includes Symphonies, Oratoria and Chamber Music. In addition  there is work for the Anglican church, a major part of his oeuvre.

He was also a teacher for some of the most prominent composers working in England in the 20th century including Ralph Vaughan Williams and Gustav Holst.

Sir Charles himself was primarily influenced by Beethoven, Brahms and other German music from the Romantic period. However the music written later in his career also showed many of the characteristics of Modern music.