Newsletter: December, month of stories

thu 20 dec 2018

December: an excellent time for reflection, definitely after all the melancholy of last month. And a great opportunity for good stories. Under the motto Put a tree up in December, CZ-presenter and master storyteller Thijs Bonger explains how he works in the long read for December. He also contributes to the new series Bonger & De Graaf. Here Thijs Bonger and fellow colleague-presenter-writer Bart de Graaf explain music and all the human activities around it. Such as applauding. Read Thijs Bongers’s piece and you’ll learn how that should (not) be done.

There’s a lot going on elsewhere too, especially if you love Baroque music. On 17th December we’re covering the exhibition Caravaggio, Utrecht en Europa in the Utrecht Central Museum. Also attention for two special Christmas concerts and the choosing of the best Bach cd of 2018, which you can help Judge!

We’re starting 2019 full of good intentions and some excellent plans. The next newsletter will appear at the end of January and we’ll tell you more then. For now all 175 Concertzender contributors wish you a happy and musically rich 2019 .