Panorama de Leeuw: a management highlight

mon 4 apr 2016

Thea Derks is following the musical career of Reinbert de Leeuw using her biography Reinbert de Leeuw, mens of melodie as her guide. The next episode of Panorama de Leeuw, is on Wednesday 6 April at 21.00 CET.


The previous episode looked at the ‘Schuyt affair’, an incident that had only losers and represented a low point for Reinbert de Leeuw in his management role in the Dutch music establishment.  In contrast, there was an also a significant success in this role: the setting up of a foundation for composers (the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst) in 1982.

This success was preceded by years of struggle that was initiated in 1964 by Misha Mengelberg and Peter Schat and was later also supported by Nico Schuyt and Rob du Bois. These composers wanted to be treated in the same way as artists and writers and to recieve structural support from the government. Their objective was to set up a foundation that would distribute subsidies for composers in the same way as the existing foundations for artists and writers.
The seemingly endless struggle between the composers and the government entered its final phase when Reinbert de Leeuw was appointed chairman of the board of Geneco in 1979. In this position, he was able to complete the process and in 1982 the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst was a reality…

Panorama de Leeuw

Broadcast: Wednesday 6 April 2016, 21.00 CET

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