Panorama de Leeuw : Rondom Series and Abschied

mon 4 jan 2016

On Wednesday 6th January at 21.00 another Panorama de Leeuw, the series by music publicist Thea Derks about Reinbert de Leeuw. In this episode we arrive at 1972.


In 1972  Reinbert de Leeuw followed the cellist Anner Bijlsma as programmer of the ‘Rondom-serie’, which had been started a year earlier by KAM, the Stichting Kamermuziek Amsterdam. Bijlsma knows nothing about this and is already busy with the preparations for the new season when Reinbert asks him to "take part" in the Rondom-series.


At the first concert in oktober 1972  De Leeuw makes his intentions clear. Under the title ‘Road to 12 tone music’ he programmes works by Golyscheff, Adorno, Hauer, Webern and Schönberg.


Later that season he writes his large scale orchestral work Abschied, in which he apparently not only says goodbye to Romantic but also to his own life as composer.


Panorama de Leeuw

Wednesday 6th January, 21.00

Repeat: Thursday 7th January, 17.00 .