Panorama de Leeuw

wed 1 oct 2014

Thea Derks presents a new programme Panorama de Leeuw starting Wednesday 1 October 21:00 CET. The programme follows the career of Reinbert de Leeuw, the prominent and influential Dutch pianist, composer and conductor and is based on her biography that was published earlier this year.

(photo: Co Broerse, 2007) 

The programmes follow the chronological development of De Leeuw's music but also considers his relationship with other composers and musicians. Each programme includes works in different styles and for different instruments and ensembles to provide a rich and varied picture of this versatile composer and musician, who is associated with the early piano music of Erik Satie, the revolutionary compositions of Charles Ives, the spiritual music of Olivier Messiaen, the refined sounds of Sofia Goebaidoelina and the radical experiments of Galina Oestvolskaja.


The programme is compiled by the musicologist and publicist Thea Derks. She presents a balanced picture of  Reinbert de Leeuw as a tireless musical pioneer in her biography. Derks places him in the context of the turbulent sixties, describes his rise to prominence, his cooperation with composers such as Messiaen and Ligeti, and the discussions about his role in the music world. 


Broadcasts: the first wednesday of each month starting Wednesday 1 October, 21.00-22.00 CET.