Philip Glass in the Soundcafé

sat 10 may 2014

Sunday 11 May in the Soundcafé (Arti et Amicitiae) and on Tuesday 20 May 18:00 on the Concertzender: American composer and king of minimal music Philip Glass.


In addition to Glass, the harpist Lavinia Meijer and the original members of the Wild Romance – the former band of Herman Brood – are the guests of Louis Gauthier and Gerhardt. There is also a good chance that they will also bring along Nina Hagen,their current front-woman, as she is also in the country at the moment. It promises to be a memorable liveshow in which classical, pop and rock fuse together in a unique setting.


In this edition, the Soundcafé brings together heroes from three decades. First of all Philip Glass. He is in the country for a benefit concert with some musical friends at the Melkweg. Glass is the originator of minimal music. He worked together with David Bowie and Leonard Cohen and composed the music for the Oscar-nominated soundtrack for ‘The Hours’. On 11 May he will bring along the Dutch star-harpist Lavinia Meijer, who will also be taking part in the concert. Rob Malasch, the concert's organiser, will also accompany Glass to Arti.

The Wild Romance will also take part. Romanza Brava, as The Wild Romance is currently called, is truly an old school rock ‘n’ roll machine. They brought the house down with Herman Brood in the seventies and eighties and will be touring again soon with punk diva Nina Hagen. This proves immediately that there is a link between rock and opera. No other rock artist has been influenced so heavily by opera as Nina Hagen. Will she explain the origins of her fascination with opera in the Soundcafé? We will find out on 11 May.


The show also includes the usual components: a spoken column about the development of applause by conductor Jan Willem de Vriend and one about the similarites between Kiss and Beethoven by pop journalist Jean-Paul Heck, audience involvement in a discussion and a dance and the latest news from the world of classical music.


In short: every reason to come to the 4th edition of the Soundcafé on Sunday 11 May in Arti en Amicitiae in Amsterdam. The Soundcafé can be attended free of charge, but a reservation via info@hetklankcafe.nl is advised. The venue doors open at 15.30, the show starts at 16.00. If you prefer listening to the show on the radio, you can tune in to the Concertzender on 20 May between 18.00 and 19.00.


The next Soundcafé is on Sunday 15 June when the guests will include the Van Baerle Trio and the Yannick Hiwat Quartet.

The Soundcafé
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