Prize draw: Neapolitan cello concertos

thu 20 dec 2018

Last month we asked you for the name of a Rococo palace and its Dutch architect. It was the Rococo summer palace of King Frederick the Great in Potsdam, which was completed by the Dutch architect Jan Bouman. The winnerof the Rococo CD is Floor Vogelaar from Driebergen.

This month you can win another fine CD , with Neapolitan cello concerts by Leonardo Leo, Nicolo Fiorenza, Giovanni Solliman and Giuseppe de Majo. Performed by Giovanni Sollima, cello and I Turchini led by Antonio Florio [Glossa GLS 922604].

All you have to do to qualify as a possible winner of this beautiful album is giving the correct answer two simple questions:

Which 2 functions did court composer Giuseppe de Majo fulfill? And whose court was it anyway?