mon 12 jan 2009 22:00 

Special on the Berlin label Klangwirkstoff. Klangwirkstoff treats her listeners to pure ambient music. The theories concerning planetary cycles and its natural harmonies form the raw materials for the releases of Klangwirkstoff. With the CD release “Active Agent of Sound” Label boss Tom Wölke, also active as a performing musician under the name of Tommelon and member of Morphon, has gathered a choice of astro-ambient artists. And with the third Klangwirkstoff CD “Om Mars Venus” by his own project Morphon, Wölke proves to be a full member of the ambient-composer community.

info klangwirkstoff: http://www.klangwirkstoff.de
info Tom Wölke: tommelon@klangwirkstoff.de
CD: Active Agent Of Sound
1. Noiszence. Lutz Berger feat. Claus Boysen.
2. Paradize Lounge. True Frequenzies.
3. Spektralschleuse. Sci-Rom.
4. Chronos. Morphon.
CD: Om Mars Venus.
5. Venus. Morphon.
CD: Active Agent Of Sound.
6. LSD. Brain Entertainment Laboratory.