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thu 15 feb 2018 16:00 CET

Concertzender Live. Fokker Organ concert series.


  • No Strings Attached. Improvisation by Melle Weijters: Fokker organ via MIDI guitar.
  • Metamorfosen. Improvisation by Bram Stadhouders: Fokker organ.
  • The Meantone Blues. Improvisation by Melle Weijters: vocals+meantone guitar+Fokker organ.
  • MICRO|IMPRO. Improvisation by Bram Stadhouders: Fokker organ and Melle Weijters, 31-tone guitar.

Location: Kleine Zaal, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam. 26 November 2017. Technique: Sabrina ter Horst. Producer: Chris Pit.

  •  Charles Corey. Folding I. Ere Lievonen, Fokker organ played via the keys.
  •  Bruce Mather. Etude II & IV: Vol du bourdon.
    Anne Veinberg, Carrillo piano
  • Danny de Graan. Equilibrium. Fokker organ and electronics controlled by laptop.
  • Juhani Nuorvala. Kaiho.
    Ere Lievonen, carrillo piano.
  • Wouter Snoei. A clear sky. Wouter Snoei, Fokker organ with pre-programmed hardware.
  • Ton de Leeuw. Electronic Study. Computer tape.
    Location: Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, kleine zaal. 21 May 2017.
    Technician: Sabrina ter Horst. Producer: Chris Pit.




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