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The Night: World Music

sun 27 may 2018 00:00 

Ramadan special (May 15 – June 14).

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We will listen to different forms of Islamic religious song, namely:

Sama ‘Sufi and religious singing in the Maghreb / ​​Andalusia tradition
Ibtihalat, a supplication or praise prayer, without rhythm that is improvised in its entirety by the soloist.
Tawashih, a composed poem, which is sung by the soloist with his choir (Betanaa). Here too there is plenty of room for improvisations by the soloist.
See video:
Qasida: a sung (sometimes improvised) poem in classical Arabic.
Salawaat: prayers for the prophet Mohammed.
Azaan / Azan: the Islamic prayer call.


  1. Syria: Muezzins D’Alep ‎– Syrie Vol.1 – Chants Religieux De l’Islam – 00:55
    Sabri Mudallal, Ḥassan Ḥaffār and Abdal-Raūf Ḥallak. recorded Paris in 1975. Ocora CD 58003
  2. Morocco: Cantos Místicos Devocionales de Al-andalus 2007
    CD Label Pneuma PN970 – 01:01
  3. Egypt: the generation from the 1920s to the 1940s.
    78 rpm records of different tawashieh and ibtihalate. 1920s through 1940s, performed by Sheikh (Sheikh) Mihrez Suleiman, Sheikh Ali Mahmoud and Sheikh Ibrahim El-Farran
    Label SonoCaire Tape – 1:06
  4. Egypt: the second generation from the 1940s to the 1960s.
    Sheikh Taha Al-Fashny: early 1950s radio and live recordings from the El-Hussein Mosque in Cairo and El-Mursi Mosque in Alexandria, Egypt.
    Label Sonocaire – 1:09

     Kamel Yousef El-Bahtimi


  5. Tawshih en Ibtihalat : Sheikh Kamel Yousef El-Bahtimi, followed by Sheikh Mohammad Al-Fayyoumi – 01:15
  6. Egypt: A third generation of the 1970s-90s. The legendary sheikh Mohammad Omran salawat Al-Fajr,  azaan (live) and various ibtihalaat (studio recodrings) 1980-90s – 00:55:00
    Turkey: Yarkin Hay. Illahiler Sufi music and vocal suite in mode Ussak.
    CD Kalan music – 00:21:50



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