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Concertzender Live

Recordings the Concertzender made during the Rewire festival in The Hague and the FAQ festival in ’s Hertogenbosch.

1. Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt. Live @ Rewire. (43:30)
Recorded on March 31, 2019 during the Rewire festival, in Koorenhuis in The Hague, by Mike Kramer.

2. Drew McDowall. Time Machines. 53:01.
Recorded on March 21, 2019 in the Willem Twee Toonzaal during the FAQ Festival, by Kees van de Wiel.

3. Sums @ Rewire 2017 part 2. (19:24)
(Kangding Ray / Barry Burns)
. Recorded during Rewire 2017 in The Hague in ‘t Paard by Wijnand de Groot. On April 2 2017.

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