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wed 6 may 2020 12:00 

This hour features a new, special CD with early music.

In today’s episode you can listen to ‘The Easter Play from Hellum’ by the ensemble Super Librum from Groningen (the Netherlands) and ‘London Calling’ by Amandine Beyer, Michael Oman and the en het ABC (Austrian Baroque Company).

  1. Preambulum – organ improvisation
  2. Responsory 1: Angelus Domini descentit de caelo
  3. Responsory 2: Cum transisset sabbatum, Maria Magdalene, et Maria Jacobi, et Salome
  4. Interlude – organ improvisation
  5. The Easter Play from Hellum (Utrecht, Catharijneconvent, BMH h7, around 1200, folio 45v)
  6. Te deum laudamus (The Stephanusabdij Oudwijk near Utrecht, Den Haag, KB, 78 J 46, 15th century)


Super Librum led by Jankees Braaksma, Rutland organ (Winold van der Putten). Schola: Nancy Meyer, Gundula Anders, Tarquinia Hill, Marian van der Heide and Paul Gerhardt Adam, vocals
(CD The Easter Play from Hellum, in-house publishing, 2020)


Nicola Matteis (1650-1714)

  1. Gavotta con divisioni
  2. Adagio Presto


Andrea Falconiero (1585-1656)

  1. Report upon “Canciona dicha la perciosa, echa para Don Enrico Butler”


Nicola Matteis

  1. Aria tra la maniera Francese, e la Spagnola
  2. Divers bizzarrie sopra la Vecchia Sarabanda o pur Ciaccona


John Hilton (1599-1657)

  1. Fantazia 5


Nicola Matteis

  1. Contr’Aria
  2. Aria amorosa
  3. Ground in D la sol re per far la mano


Amandine Beyer, violin. Michael Oman, recorder. ABC – Austrian Baroque Company
(CD London Calling – A Collection of Ayres, Fantasies and musical Humours, Fra Bernardo fb 2001111, 2020)

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