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Roaming the Baroque

tue 12 may 2020 12:00 

Music from the 17th and 18th century.
Part 2 of a series about George Frederick Händel.


George Frederick Händel (1685-1759)
1. Cantata for alto and b.c. HWV.127a, “Lungi dal mio bel nume”
Divertimento Ensemble with Jean-Louis Comoretto, altus

2. Acis and Galatea HWV.49a; Suite
Boréades de Montréal

3. Prelude for harpsichord HWV.566 in E major
4. Air for harpsichord HWV.466 in G minor
5. Air for harpsichord HWV.470 in B-flat major
6. Impertinence HWV.494 in G minor, “Bourrée”
7. Air and 2 doubles HWV.465 in F major
8. Sonata for keyboard instrument HWV.475 in D minor, “Allegro”
Roberto Loreggian, harpsichord

9. Cantata for alto, soprano and b.c. HWV.161, “Sento là che ristretto”
Judith Nelson, soprano. René Jacobs, altus. Concerto Vocale conducted by Conrad Junghänel


With thanks to Muziekweb in Rotterdam.


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