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mon 9 may 2022 17:00 hrs

The Cairo Tapes.The music of Ahmed Adaweyah revisited.

We’ll listen in this extra episode to more of Egyptian folk singer Ahmed Adaweyah , a musical ( and social) phenomenon of 1970s and 80s and Cairo’s nightclubs and cassette tapes. for more information and about this music, please see previous 2-part series devoted to this music. Much of the music comes from own cassette tape collection, usually from the Sout El-Hob label.

Part 1 here

Part 2 here


“wallah we le’eb el-hawa”  from the film “ya rab walad” 1984.


  1. El Leil aho taal  (diff version)  Ahmad Adaweya                 05:41
  1. El-qalb elli ingerah eh ya tabeeb el-gharam (Mawwal)    4:02
  2. Aghrab Ya Dunia                                                                        9:25
  3. El-‘eish wil-Malh (Mawwal)                                                     3:40
  4. Mawwal-El-Umm.( Mawwal)                                                  2:41
  5. Ammalt Gammal (Mawwal)                                                    2:54
  6. wallah we le’eb el-hawa (Sultan Ahl el-hawa)                    7:17
  7. .Hez ya hobbi hez                                                                     3:55
  8. el khasis – gamal el-mahamel (Mawwal)                            5:35
  9. MawalYa Helow – Bulbul we taar (Mawwal)                       3:17
  10. Ana Elli Rameet Ezzahr (Mawwal)                                        7:39
  11. Ana Saber  (Part of)                                                                 9:03



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