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Morning Edition

thu 3 nov 2022 07:00 hrs

Works by Joseph Haydn, Philip Glass, Johann Sebastian Bach, Tomaso Albinoni, Peteris Barisons, Dace Aperane, Eriks Esenvalds, Imants Zemzaris, Janis Medins, Georges Enescu, Henk Badings, Charlotte Sohy.

 07:01 Quartet for violins (2), viola and cello Hob.III, no.68, op.64, no.2 in B minor

Joseph Haydn
The London Haydn Quartet

 07:25 Music in twelve parts

Philip Glass
Philip Glass Ensemble

 07:47 Partita for flute BWV.1013 in A minor; Sarabande (Arr.)

Johann Sebastian Bach
Toshiyuki Shibata (flute), Anthony Romaniuk (keyboard instrument)

 07:52 Sonata for flute and basso continuo BWV.1035 in E major

Johann Sebastian Bach
Toshiyuki Shibata (flute), Anthony Romaniuk (keyboard instrument)

 08:06 Sonata for violin and basso continuo no.2, So.36 in G minor, Amsterdam, c.1717

Tomaso Albinoni
Federico Guglielmo (violin), L’ Arte dell’Arco

 08:23 Preludes for orchestra no.1-3

Peteris Barisons
Gintaras Rinkevicius (conductor), Liepaja Symphony Orchestra

 08:37 Patterns on the Water

Dace Aperane
Diana Zandberga (piano)

 08:42 Frozen Horizon

Eriks Esenvalds
Diana Zandberga (piano)

 08:47 Year of Blaumanis

Imants Zemzaris
Diana Zandberga (piano)

 08:50 Introduction to the Rainis Poem Ave Sol nr.1-3

Janis Medins
Diana Zandberga (piano)

 08:59 Trio for piano, violin en cello in A minor

Georges Enescu
Josu de Solaun (piano), Stefan Tarara (violin), Eun-Sun Hong (cello)

 09:20 Concerto for viola and string orchestra, 1965

Henk Badings
Dana Zemtsov (viola), Shizuo Kuwahara (director), Phion

 09:45 Triptyque champĂȘtre, op.21

Charlotte Sohy
Mathilde Calderini (flute), Omer Bouchez (violin), Lou Yung-Hsin Chang (viola), Yan Levionnois (cello), Constance Luzzati (harp)

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