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sun 9 feb 2014 19:00 

Satyakam Mohkamsing (violin)
Showed a keen interest in Indian music and arts. At the age of seven Satyakam travelled with his parents to Varanasi in India, where his father was doing research on the Natyashastra. During this prolonged stay of about nine months in Varanasi, he took his first lessons in visual arts and music. Soon he developed a passion for the Indian Violin and began his musical training under the guidance of Satyaprakash Mohanti, an advanced student of Dr. N. Rajam.
Back in the Netherlands, he became a student of Lenneke van Staalen, a Dutch virtuoso student of Pandit D. K. Datar. In 2004 he migrated with his parents to Surinam where he immediately joined the local Indian Cultural Centre (ICC) for musical training. There he learned from well trained vocalists such as V.K. Sambyal ‘Rangilewale’ Thakur and Rita Bokil.
In 2006 Satyakam returned to the Netherlands to pursue his formal musical training and joined CODARTS, the former Rotterdam Conservatory. He studied Indian violin under the guidance and supervision of the legendary Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia and Pt. Dhruba Ghosh. In 2010 he graduated for his BA and continued studying with Pt. Dhruba Ghosh as well as Dr. N.Rajam and graduated in 2012 for his MA.
Martijn Baaijens
Sarodplayer started his musical journey at a young age. He followed his western classical guitar education from Robby Favery at the conservatories of Tilburg and Den Haag. During his guitar studies he came in contact with the sarod, the Indian fretless lute- instrument. He studied Indian music at the Rotterdam Conservatory with Koustuv Ray also known as Gungun. In Calcutta, he studied with the sarod master Pandit Bhuddhadev Das Gupta. He is playing Indian classical raga concerts and mixing the traditional music with musicians and groups from different kind of musical genres all over Europe and India.
Matwala Prem
is an Italian born Indian Classical Tabla Player since 1986, under guidance of the late Pt. Shashikhant Bellare (1927-2012, Nephew of Pt. Taranath Rao and twin brother of Pt. Ravi Bellare). Currently under tutelage of Pt. Nayan Ghosh (Son of Padmabhusan Pt. Nikhil Ghosh) Matwala is playing Delhi and Poorab style, and repertoire from Farukhabad and Benares Gharana . After living in India for over 14 years, he has lived in Amsterdam now since 2001.