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An Early Evening Stroll

tue 19 jul 2022 19:00 

Russian composer Anton Arensky (1861-1906).

Every third Tuesday of the month on ‘An Early Evening Stroll’, we explore the oeuvre of the almost forgotten Russian Romantic composer Anton Arensky (1861-1906). His most famous pupil was Rachmaninoff, who dedicated five piano pieces to his teacher. One of them became so famous that the other four were all but forgotten, too. We will be listening to one of them today; a moving elegy. In addition, a colourful mix of genres from Arenski’s oeuvre: a solemn cantata, a virtuoso suite for two pianos, three poetic pieces for choir – featuring the cello – and some piano pieces.


Sergei Rachmaninoff: Elegy, no. 1 from ‘Morceaux de fantaisie op. 3’

Konstantin Scherbakov, piano


Anton Arenski: Cantata on the Tenth Anniversary of the Coronation op. 26

Tatiana Sharova, soprano

Andrei Baturkin, baritone

Russian State Symphonic Cappella

Russian State Symphony Orchestra

Valery Polyansky


Anton Arenski: 3rd Suite for two pianos opus 33 (Variations)

Stephen Coombs en Ian Munro, pianos


Anton Arenski: Intermezzo op. 36 no. 12.

Margaret Fingerhut, piano


Anton Arenski: Three Vocal Quartets op. 57

Russian State Symphonic Cappella

Dmitri Miller, cello

Valery Polyansky


Anton Arenski: Étude op. 41 no. 4

Stephen Coombs, piano


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