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sun 25 feb 2018 09:00 hrs
Composer: Jordi Savall

A two-stage time machine in Classical Matters: back to the Utrecht Early Music Festival 2016, and on to Venice from 700 to 1797. Venezia Millenaria – the overview of 1000 years of music in Venice, played together by the musical statute corps of Jordi Savall.


 Fanfare after a melody from the 8th century

 Alleluia (Byzantine Choral)

 Danse de l’âme

 Pásan tin elpida mu

 Tin Déisin mu (Hirmos Calophonique)

 Nikriz pesrev (Ottoman March)

 Qamti be-Ishon Layla (The Song of Songs)


 Se hymnúme (Hymne de la Sainte Eucharistie)

 Laïla Djân (Persian dance)

 Symphony No. 2, Johann Rosenmüller

 Der Makam-i-Rehavi Çember-i-Koca (Ottoman March)

 Deo gratias (Russian Orthodox Hymn)

 Nous sommes tous égaux (Chanson constitutionnelle)

 La Sainte Ligue (La nuit est sombre)


Venezia Millenaria 700-1797
Hespèrion XXI / Capella Reial de Catalunya a.o.
Jordi Savall, conductor
Edition: ALIA-VOX


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