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Concertzender Live

fri 24 jun 2016 20:00 
Composer: Traditional

Concert of the Polish band Transkapela, recorded during the 7th edition of the Trad. It! Festival 2009 in Groningen.

Transkapela is a quartet that sounds old, but at the same time very modern. They play klezmer, but not on the instruments we in general associate with klezmer. There is no plaintive clarinet.
Transkapela consists of four enthusiastic musicians who keep alive the music from the Carpathian mountains: a mystic region where stories and traditions are passed on from generation to generation. The musicians are from Poland, but their repetory comes from a period in which borders hardly mattered, think of Malopolska, Galicia, Bukovina, Hucul Region, Maramures, Transilvania.
The band:
Ewa Wasilewska – violin
Maciej Filipczuk – violin, stroh violin
Robert Wasilewski – hammered dulcimer, viola, kaval
Piotr Pniewski – cello, gardon, percussion
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  1. Hora de la re / Livezille, trad. (05:54)
  2. La masa mare, trad. (07:45)
  3. Hora Nuova, trad. (03:22)
  4. Bucovinian note, trad. (04:44)
  5. Bridges waltz, trad. (04:27)
  6. Sirba in C, trad. (04:27)
  7. Hore pe hang, trad. (03:48)
  8. Impression on kaval, trad. (05:55)
  9. Forshpil, trad. (06:52)
  10. Honga, trad. (04:32)
  11. Ruseasca, trad. (04:36)

Live recording of Transkapela, 4 April 2009, during the 7th edition of the! Festival, Oosterpoort, Downstage, Groningen. Recording: Jaap Zijp, producer Rob Buijs.