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Concertzender Live

mon 19 oct 2020 20:00 
Composer: Louis Andriessen

South #34.
Thirty-first of a large number of broadcasts with recordings of concerts in venues south of the Dutch big rivers. Today a special programme on the Dutch composer Louis Andriessen, who was main guest on the Orlando Festival in August 2018. You hear thirteen chamber music works, a few of which had not been performed of recorded before.

 Louis Andriessen.
1. Nuit d’Été (1957). 4:40
2. The Hague Hacking Scrap (2003). 5:24
Katherine Dowling & Clark Schaufele: piano.
3. Xenia (2005). 11:04
Livia Sohn: violin and voice
4. To Pauline O. (1995). 5:32
James Austin Smith: oboe.
5. Overture to Orpheus (1982). 12:07
Dirk Luijmes: harpsichord
6. Elegy. (1957). 4:51
Nemtsov Duo: Mikail Nemtsov: cello. Elena Nemtsova: piano.
7. Mach’s mit mir, Gott (2016). 2:34
8. De goddelijke routine (2017). 12:53
Tjeu Zeijen: organ.

9. Zilver (1994). 13:46
Ingrid Geerlings: flute. Alan R. Kay: clarinet. Livia Sohn: violin. Mikhail Nemtsov: cello. Jennifer Heins, Jonathan Bonny: percussion. Katherine Dowling: piano. Henk Guittart: conductor.
10. Rincorsa e salti (1961). 3:23
Ingrid Geerlings: flute. James Austin Smith: oboe. Alan R. Kay: clarinet.
11. Disco (1982). 12:04
Avanesian Duo: Kristina Avanesian: violin. Diana Avanesian: piano.
12. Double (1965). 7:35
Alan R. Kay: clarinet. Elena Nemtsova: piano.
13. Garden of Eros (2003). 13:10
AuRoRa Duo: Andrey Roszyk: violin. Sofia Raychenko: piano.
live recordings by Kees van de Wiel and Jo Smeets from 8 to 18-8-2018 in Aula Minor Rolduc and Parkstad Theater in Kerkrade.

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