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Concerts from around the country, recorded by Concertzender

Three concerts: Lievonen and Havinga (Fokker organ), Spanoghe’s Master-Mate, and the Rosa Ensemble in a recording from 2010.

Tonight, you can hear three concerts:

Ere Lievonen and Maarten Havinga play the Fokker organ

Jenny Spanoghe and her programme Master-Mate, and

the Rosa Ensemble, a recording from the Uitmarkt 2010 (Amsterdam).



  1. Christina Viola Oorebeek, Speed Loops (2016)
    Ere Lievonenen and Maarten Havinga: Fokker organ.
    Recorded 1-10-2017; Small Hall, Muziekgebouw on the river IJ, Amsterdam ;
    Recording engineer: Sabrina ter Horst
  1. Theodore Dubois, Cantilène religieuse Marcietta (1898)
  2. Jukka Tiensuu, Fantango (1984)
  3. Lauri Supponen, Spring scram (2014)
  4. Rozalie Hirs, Hilbert’s Hotel (2015)
  5. Jean Langlais, Pasticcio (from ‘Organ Book’, 1956)
  6. Adolph Hesse, Fantasia in D minor Op. 87
  7. Jan van Landeghem, Musette, from Invisible pour les yeux (2002)
    Hans de Vos: violin. Geert Callaert: piano
    Recorded 19-10-2010; De Link, venue the Cenakel in Tilburg;
    Recording engineer: Fred Momotenko
  8. Paul Steegmans, Ballade (2010)
    Linde Verjans, violin. Geert Callaert, piano.
  9. Philip Ceunen, Chanson pour 3 violons (2009)
    Hans de Vos, Lieke Daniels, Titia Bouman: violin.
  10. Frederik Neyrink, Mischung 2
    Hans de Vos, Lieke Daniels, Titia Bouman, Saïdja Verbrugghe, Rolin van Opstal, Roos van Well, Linde Verjans, Walter de Cock: violin, conducted by Jenny Spanoghe
  11. Witold Lutoslawski, Partita for Violin and Piano
    Jenny Spanoghe: viola. Geert Callaert: piano
  12. Daniel Cross, Mad on Rocks
    Rosa Ensemble: Daniel Cross: percussion. Annelies Vrieswijk: saxophones. Laurens de Boer: piano. Peter Jessen: bass. Jeroen Kinman: electric guitar. Esther Mugambi, Stephanie Pan: voice
    Recorded 29-8-2010; Recital Hall Concertgebouw Amsterdam;
    Recording engineers: Cees Sterrenburg / Diederik Geijtenbeek
  13. Martijn Padding, Ballad
  14. Daniel Cross, Wallace Line
  15. Martijn Padding, Small goodbye song
  16. Jeroen Kinman, Daniel Cross, De Hel


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