Contemporary Music

fri 14 dec 2012 20:00 

Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2012 #2.
Charly Piper, Martijn Padding and Andys Skordis

In this episode a part of the Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2012 opening concert in the Geertekerk by the Asko|Schönberg ensemble. And a composition by trombonist Koen Kaptijn and electronics specialist Frouke Wiarda for kite string, electronics and trombone. Music will be played of 20-year-old Brit Charlie Piper, the 56-year-old Dutchman Martijn Padding and 19-year-old Cypriot Andys Skordis. The Gaudeamus Muziekweek gladly presents renowned composers among up-and-coming talents.
1. Charly Piper. Insomniac (2012).
2. Martijn Padding. Three Summer Pieces (2012).
Asko|Schönberg led by Gregory Charette
3. Andys Skordis. 7 Unceremonious Occasions (2012).
Asko|Schönberg led by Gregory Charette. Live recording in Geertekerk, Utrecht on 9-3-2012 by Richard de Gruyl 
4. Koen Kaptijn – Weerwerk 1 (2012).
Koen Kaptijn: trombone, Frouke Wiarda: Kites. Live recording in Park Lepelenburg, Utrecht op 2-9-2012 by Kees van de Wiel