Contemporary Music

230 Volt. Contemporary Electronic Music #84. Music by Hiiro Issiki, Blanck Mass, Frank Bretschneider & Taylor Deupree, Tvii Son, Reza Safinia, Echo Collective, Francisco López and Mary Lattimore.

1. Hiiro Issiki. Qualia From A Complex. 1:30. Album: 1000 Plateaux. Label: Bedouin Records.
2. Hiiro Issiki. For Language To Come. 6:25. Album: 1000 Plateaux. Label: Bedouin Records.
3. Blanck Mass. Phase II (excerpt). 8:30. Album: In Ferneaux. Label: Sacred Bones.
4. Frank Bretschneider & Taylor Deupree. Concrete. 5:26. Album: Balance. Label: Mille Plateaux.
5. Tvii Son. ND. 4:28. Album: Tvii Son. Label: MIC.
6. Reza Safinia. Santosha. 4:04. Album: Yin. Label: Music & Texture.
7. Echo Collective. Respire. 10:55. Album: The See Within. Label: 7K.
8. Francisco López. Untitled #375. 10:27. USB/Album: A Bunch Of Stuff (1980-2020). Label: Nowhere/Worldwide.
9. Mary Lattimore. Silver Ladders. 3:46. Album: Silver Ladders. Label: Ghostly International.

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