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Contemporary Music

Today’s Music by Today’s Composers.

In Memoriam.

For the musicians and composers who passed away in 2021.


  • Elaine Hugh-Jones. (pictured) Eight songs. Velma Guyer, soprano and Martine Jaques, piano.
  • Elgar/Payne, Symphony no. 3. Bornemouth Symphony Orchestra conducted by Paul Daniel.
  • Modalities by Joel Chadabe.
  • Sylvano Busotti. Autotono. Roberto Fabbriciani (flute), Jonathan Faralli (percussion).
  • Louis Andriessen: Menuet for Marianne; Berceuse for Annie van Os; Image de Moreau. Louis Andriessen (piano; Menuet and Berceuse), Gerard Bouwhuis (piano; Image).
  • Frederic Rzewski, Hard cuts (III). Ensemble Lunapark conducted by Arnold Marinissen; Ralph van Raat (piano).


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