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sat 18 jan 2014 22:00 

The choice of music publicist Henk Hoogenstraaten: the album ‘Niet Voorbij’ by Ghent-based singer-guitarist Lieven Tavenier.

In the series Disc-Cover we introduce you to unknown, or meanwhile unloved, masterpieces from various record collections, worth of being heard once more. Each episode features a true expert who digs up a forgotten masterpiece of roots music.
This week it’s Henk Hoogstraaten’s turn. He was a reporter with Eindhovens Dagblad (a Dutch newspaper) and the initiator of the Folkforum. The first list with selections Henk sent us, is a testimony of his fine taste in music, including works by Lena Willemark, Riccardo Tesi, Christy Moore, Zupfgeigenhansel, La Ciapa Rusa and our own Wolverlei. Some of these already passed by during earlier episodes.
In the end, Hoogenstraaten chose an album which originated not far from here: Niet Voorbij, by Ghent-based singer-guitarist-songwriter Lieven Tavenier. The depth of Tavenier’s works reflects in Hoogenstraaten’s enthousiasm when he tells about the album. Let’s listen…
Lieven Tavernier2.jpeg

  1. Lieven Tavernier & United Brass – Eerste sneeuw
    CD. De fanfare van honger en dorst – CTC 2990703
  2. Jan de Wilde – De fanfare van honger en dorst
    CD. Hèhè – EMI7955372
  3. In Knokke
  4. Kaap de goede hoop
  5. Hollywood
  6. Valerie
  7. Foto in de gang
  8. De drie zonen
  9. Jezus en Maria
  10. Jimmy Winters
  11. Kerstdagmorgen
  12. Winter in Z
  13. Niet voorbij
    Tracks 3 to 13 from the album Lieven Tavernier, Niet Voorbij, LCM 100086
  14. Lieven Tavernier & United brass – De klokken van Sint Baafs
    CD. De fanfare van Honger en dorst – CTC 2990703

All songs composed by Lieven Tavernier