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fri 30 jun 2023 19:00 hrs
Genre: Middle Eastern
Tags: Cairo | Egypt

Cairo Tapes IV: Adaweya and Anwar al-Askari

More of  1970s /80s Shaabi folk/night club music of Cairo and its biggest star Ahmed Adaweya click here for earlier episodes and information.





Ahmed Adaweya.


We’ll also listen to Anouar El-Askari, Who became famous in the  1960s and was one of Ahmed Adaweya’s influences.




1. Ahmad Adaweya- Betebki Leeh Ya ‘ein (My eye, why do you cry?) (Mawwal) 2:18

2. Ahmad Adaweya -Habba Fouq 3:20

3. Ahmad Adaweya – Ya Lahou Baly 10:54

4. Ahmad Adaweya – Ana ‘lli Albi ‘shtaka. (I’m the one with complaining heart) (Mawwal) 6:27

5. Ahmad Adaweya – Kollo ala Kollo 4:37



6. Anwar Al-Askari – Ya Basha 6:29

7. Anwar Al-Askari- Ya Nazel E-Souq (and others) (Mawwal)  10:40

8. Ahmad Adaweyah – Ew’aa Te’aasher (Mawwal + Jam)  7:46

9. Ahmad Adaweyah – Ana Saber




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