thu 10 jan 2008 13:00 
Composer: William Byrd

Music by William Byrd; parts from My Lady Nevells Book (1591) and Cantiones Sacrae (1591).

1. My Ladye Nevels Grownde.
2. The Seconde Pavian.
3. The Galliarde To The Seconde Pavan.
4. Pavana The Sixte, ‘Kinbrugh Goodd’.
Elizabeth Farr, lautenwerk.
5. Salva sancta parens.
6. Alleluia, Ave Maria… Virga Iesse.
7. Beata es, virgo Maria.
8. Beata viscera.
9. Regina caeli.
The Cardinall’s Musick led by Andrew Carwood.
10. The Eighte Pavan.
11. Will Yow Walke The Woods Soe Wylde.
12. All In A Garden Grine.
13. Munsers Alman.
Elizabeth Farr, lautenwerk.