L’Esprit Baroque

sun 16 dec 2012 15:00 
Genre: Baroque
Composers: Anthony Holborne | Diego Ortiz

A Sunday programme with early music, a ‘Celtic Christmas’ this time. Two new early music releases with a Celtic touch: ‘Sacrum Mysterium, A Celtic Christmas Vespers’ and ‘Shipwrecked’.

Celtic Christmas Vespers Part 1: A Light in the Darkness
1. Processional: Oikan ayns Bethlehem (Manx Gaelic Carol)
2. Duan Nollaig (Scottish Gaelic Carol)
From the Vespers of St. Kentigern, patron Saint of Glasgow
3. Deus in adjutorium – Alleluia (Jeannette Sorrell)
4. Responsorium – Gloria Patri
5. Hymnus: Iste confessor Domini
6. Alleluia (Jeannette Sorrell)
7. The Road to Lisdoonvarna (trad. Irish jig)
Offertory & Carols
8. Veni, veni, Emmanuel (12th-century carol)
9. Nowell, Nowell, Tydings, Trew (15th-century carol)
10. Noël nouvelet (15th-century Frans-Bretonse carol)
11. Sussex Carol (On Christmas Night) (trad. English)
12. Come, My Children Dere (17th-century Scottish carol)
13. Wat ye what I got yestreen (Skene Ms. Schots, 1715)
Meredith Hall, soprano. Apollo’s Fire & Apollo’s Singers. Ensemble La Nef. The Cleveland Baroque Orchestra led by Jeannette Sorrell
(Avie AV 2269, 2012)
shipwrecked.jpgShipwrecked,a  ‘soundtrack’ to a true historic event around Francisco de Cuellar, captain of the Armada that was shipwrecked in Ireland in 1588.
14. Ochón, Lament for the Old Order (C. O’Leary)
15. Overture & Regiomontanus (improv. on Folia-ground, text: Regiomontanus, 15th century)
16. Ho Hoane Jig (C. O’Leary after Fitzwilliam Virginal Book)
17. Parce Mihi Domine (C. de Morales, c.1500-1553)
18. Cailín ó Chois tSúire Mé (anon. Ballet Lute Book/trad. Irish)
19. Trenchmore/The Whip of Dunboyne/Shaking of the Sheetes (anon.)
20. Pues que no Puedo Olvidarte/Dí, Perra Mora (Ginés de Morata/anon.)
21. Villanos (trad. Spanish)
22. Si la Noche haze Escura (anon. Canc. de Uppsala)
23. The Siege – Greensleeves/Recercada VII (anon./D. Ortiz)
24. Racha’ mise, racha’ tusa (trad. Irish)
25. Strand Lilt (C. O’Leary)
26. Irish Rant (trad. Irish)
27. Ho Hoane Jig revisited (C. O’Leary)
28. The Hay/Yo me soy la Morenica (anon. Canc. de Uppsala)
29. O Vos Omnes (T. L. de Victoria)
30. Is Eagal leam an Bás (R. Dall Ó Catháin, c.1545-1602)
31. The Countess of Ormonde’s Galliard (Anthony Holborne)
32. Recercada VIII La Gamba (Diego Ortiz)
33. La Vida Bona (Juan Arañes)
eX: Caitríona O’Leary, vocals, conductor. Clara Sanabras, vocals, guitar. Juan Sancho, vocals. Lee Santana, conductor, lute, vihuela, cittern, guitar. Steve Player, guitar, gittern, dance. Emer Mayock, flutes. Siobhán Armstrong, Irish and Spanish harp. Sarah Perl, gamba. Mel Mercier, bodhrán, bonen. Francesco Turrisi, percussion
(Heresy 001, 2012)
Celtic Christmas Vespers Part 2: Song of Mary
34. Hodie, Christus natus est (Antiphon of the Magnificat, Vespers for Christmas)
From the Vespers of St. Kentigern, Patron Saint of Glasgow
35. Magnificat anima mea
36. Antiphon de Maria ad Vespers – Benedicamus
Hymn & Carols
37. Hymn: All Sons of Adam, Sing Nowell! (Aberdeen, 1662)
38. Usheg veg ruy (Little Red Bird, Manx Gaelic lullaby)
39. O’Carolan’s Cup (Turlough O’Carolan)
40. O’Carolan’s Favorite Jig (Turlough O’Carolan)
41. The Seven Rejoyces of Mary (trad. Irish carol)
42. Postlude: Christmas Eve (Irish reel)
Meredith Hall, soprano. Apollo’s Fire & Apollo’s Singers. Ensemble La Nef. The Cleveland Baroque Orchestra led by Jeannette Sorrell
(AVIE AV 2269, 2012)
Special thanks to Prelude Klassieke Muziek in Baarn.