Mariama | :: Radio


fri 25 apr 2014 22:00 
Genre: Afrobeat

Flush-inducing African music

Konono No. 1.
Endless hypnotizing guitar riffs, rigid rolling rhythms ritmes, whipping up question & answer vocals.
In this programme, an hour of flush-inducing music.
In this Mariama you can hear: Donso, Basokin, Konono No.1 and Bana Lupemba.

  1. Konono No. 1. Wumbanzanga (??).
    CD: Konono No. 1 – Assume Crash Position (2010). Crammed Discs, craw 60
  2. Donso. Heading to Gao (??).
    CD: Donso – Denfila (2014). Comet, CometCD056 promo
  3. Bana Lupemba. Kiyongo [Extended] (Juno Cola).
    CD: The Karindula Sessions: Tradi-Modern Sounds from Southeast Congo (2011). Crammed Discs, craw 70
  4. Kasai All Stars. Kafuulu Balu (Kasai All Stars).
    CD: Kasai All Stars – In the 7th Moon, The Chief Returned Into A Swimming Fish and Ate the Head of his Enemy by Magic (2008). Crammed Discs, craw 44-P
  5. Basokin ft. Mi Amor. Mulume (??).
    CD: Congotronics 2: Buzz’n’Rumble from the Urb’n’Jungle (2005). Crammed Discs, craw 29
  6. Donso. Rue Princesse (??).
    CD: Donso – Denfila (2014). Comet, Comet CD056 promo