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wed 29 jun 2016 07:00 

Music from the time of William Shakespeare.

Works by John Dowland, William Byrd, Robert Johnson and anonymous composers.

07:00 Elisabethan ballads and Theatre music…
With i.a. Anonymous. Nuttmigd and Ginger & Grimstock.
The Musicians of Swanne Alley.
[Erato 3 CD:  825646 479047]

08:05 Madrigals and Theatre music.
1. John Dowland. The first Booke of Songs.
2. William Byrd. Songs of Sundrie Natures.
3. Robert Johnson. The Tempest.
The Hilliard Ensemble. London Baroque led by Paul Hillier.
[Erato 3 CD:  825646 479047]