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mon 11 feb 2019 18:00 hrs

This hour features a new, special CD with early music. Two new CDs with music from early 15th century manuscripts: a Florentine manuscript (San Lorenzo Palimpsest) by La Morra and the Gruuthuse manuscript by Aventure.

Piero Mazzuoli (1386-1430)
1. Donna s’io d’errato
2. Lasso dolente
3. Afebo Damn’e

Jacopo da Bologna (fl. 1340-1360)
4. Sotto l’imperio

Giovanni Mazzuoli (ca. 1350/61-1426)
5. Splendor da Ciel

Paolo da Firenze (1355-1436)
6. Amor mi stringe assai

La Morra conducted by Corina Marti and Michal Gondko
(CD Splendor Da Ciel – La Morra Ramée RAM 1803, 2018)

From the Gruuthuse Manuscript (circa 1400):
7. Dijn troost allein
8. So wie bi lieve in rusten leit
9. Scinc her den wijn

From the Buxheimer Orgelbuch:
10. Was ich begynne (instr.)

From the Gruuthuse Manuscript:
11. Binnen in mir hertzen cas
12. Wel up elc sin die vruecht begaert

Aventure: Christopher Kale, vocals. Marco Magalhaes, Fumitaka Saito and Ita Hijmans, recorder
(CD Aventure – Songs from the Gruuthuse Manuscript, Challenge Records CC72795, 2018)

Produced by:
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