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Opera in the 20th century

The history of twentieth century opera.

1994: The economic prosperity is clearly reflected in the number of opera productions. There’s a wide range to choose from and to explore: Finnish, Chinese, American and lots of European works including the first opera by Louis Andriessen. Way too much to tackle in the two hours we have this year, but we’ll try!

In  today’s episode you can listen to fragments from:
Steve Reich- The Cave
Louis Andriessen (photo)-  Rosa, A Horse Drama

Other opera and light opera productions from 1994:
Philip Glass- La Belle et la Bête
Judith Weir- Blond Eckbert
Guo Wenjing- Wolf Cub Willage
Conrad Susa- The Dangerous Liaisons
Ofer Ben-Amots- Fool’s Paradise
Andy Vores- Freshwater
Einojuhani Rautavaara- The Gift of the Magi (Tietäjien lahja)
Rodion Shedrin- Lolita (Лолита)
Constantine Koukias- Mikrovion
Nikolai Korndorf- Marina and Rainer (MR)
Elena Firsova- The Nightingale and the Rose (Соловей и роза)
Harrison Birtwistle- The Second Mrs. Kong
Wolfgang Rihm- Séraphin
Ikuma Dan- Susanō
Johan Kvandal- Mysterier
Iain Hamilton- The Tragedy of Macbeth
Robert Ashley- Foreign Experiences
Christopher Yavelow- Countdown
Jin Xiang- The King of Chu《楚霸王》
John Corigliano- Jack and Gill
Alfred Schnittke- Historia von D. Johann Fausten
Robert Moran- The Dracula Diary

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