Orient Express

sat 26 may 2007 07:02 

Classical music from Iran.

1. Improvisations in the Dâstgah-e Chahargâh
performers: Kayhan Kalhor: kemmenche and Pejman Hadadi: zarb
2. Dâstgah-e Nawa
performers: Parisa: vocals, Hossein Oemoemi: ney and vocals, Aäam: zarb
3. Dâstgah-e Segah
performers: Nasr Farhanfar and Jamshid Mohebbi: tombak
4. Instrumental piece in the modus Chaharmezrab
performers: Hamid Mottebassem: tar, Pejman Hadadi: zarb, Hossein Behroezi: barbat and Kayan Kalhor: kemmenche
5. Improvisation and the modus Homayoun
performers: MOhammad Mousavi: ney and Jamsid Mohebi: tombak
6. folk music from Khorasan
performers: Gholam Hossein Mirzai: vocals and dotar