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fri 22 mar 2024 22:00 hrs

Ramadan Special, Islamic vocal art from Levant and Egypt

Ramadan (Ramadhan) is the Islamic holy month of spirituality and celebration. This year (1445 in the islamic Hijri calender) we revisit the tradition of religious singing in the middle-east tradition, next to Egypt, -where most of the vocalists of the golden age (1930s-70/80s) come from- We’ll listen to recordings from Syria and Lebanon.

For more of this vocal art, click here and  here.

Some from Moroccan traditions is here

Some of the typical forms of this vocal tradition in Egypt:

  • Ibtihalaat ( singular : Ibtihaal) :  A poem with typically a supplication or praise of God or his prophet. Almost totally improvised by the performer. i.e. no specific pre-written melody nor rhythm (non metrical). It is where the solo vocalist can show maqam modulation skills,  the voice and ornamentation technique.
  • Tawashih ( sing: Tawshih): A poem set to melody that the singer sings with his choir (Betanaa) and improvises in between the verses/melody lines. This classical form that requires -next to the solo lead vocalist- a group of well-practiced vocalists has almost disappeared.
  • Azaan : The Islamic call to prayer.


Sheikh Mohamed Omran (1944-1994) live from a mosque in Cairo 1979.

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