Pakrammel | :: Radio


thu 18 aug 2016 23:00 
Composer: John Zorn

With music by John Zorn, Shaneolinski, Walter TV, White Zombie, Arbor Laber Union, Dub Thompson en Mourn.

01. Pinkunoizu. Tin Can Valley. 6:58.

Album: Second Amendment.

02. John Zorn. Circe. 6:02.

Album: Psychomagia.

03. Reptar. Cable. 3:53.

Album: Lurid Glow.

04. Shaneolinski. Five Bob Dillion and Dollar Note Bill. 1:49.

Album: Getting Closer.

05. Space Siren. The Secret Apple Garden. 1:51.

Album: If You Scream Like That, Your Monkey Won’t Come.

06. Walter TV. Surf Metal. 2:42.

Album: Blessed.

07. White Zombie. Slaughter The Grey. 4:34.

Album: It Came From NYC.

08. White Zombie. Disaster Blaster. 6:03.

Album: It Came From NYC.

09. Arbor Laber Union. Volume Peaks. 7:48.

Album: I Hear You.

10. Arbor Laber Union. Mr. Birdsong. 7:27.

Album: I Hear You.

11. Autobahn. Impressionist. 4:04.

Album: Dissemble.

12. Dub Thompson. 9 Songs. 2:20.

Album: 9 Songs.

13. Mourn. Evil Dead. 2:14.

Album: Ha, Ha, He.

14: Mourn. Gertrudis, Get Through This! 2:38.

Album: Ha, Ha, He.

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