thu 13 jun 2019 23:00 

Electronic Cottage #7. A selection of highlights from the Electronic Cottage interactive community website. A platform for independent artists, musicians, writers and freethinkers. This hour goes back to the early days of Leslie Singer. From 1983 to 1985 she released five cassette albums under such monikers as Girls on Fire and Sadistic Gossip.

Leslie Singer:

01. In My Blood. 1:34.

02. Underwear with No Holes. 3:29.

03. Helen Schwab. 3:03.

04. Cat Vomit Punk House. 3:46.

05. The Almighty Beat. 2:03.

06. Grace Kelly Never. 4:24.

From the cassette album: In My Blood.


Sadistic Gossip / Mary Davis Kills Mary Davis Kills:

07. Confessions Of S Shit Addict. 31:55.


Leslie Singer:

08. My Groovy Apartment. 2:40.

09. Florida. 3:10.

10. Jessica Savitch. 2:52.

From the cassette album: Life Is Too Funny – I Think I Will Shoot Myself.


Bonus Leslie Singer track:

11. sf_air_sf_hair. 1:19.


Read all about Leslie Singer on the website of Electronic Cottage.

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